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Orlando Drone Photography

With Drones.

Rise Above the Ordinary

Orlando Drone Photography & Aerial Video

From a Bird’s Point-of-View

Aktion Productions is one of the preferred companies in Florida that offers dynamic Orlando drone photography and drone videography services.  We will provide exceptional aerial video and photos to our clients who are located in Orlando or surrounding areas.

Our team uses high-caliber drones and can capture aerial video and images from ground level up to 400 feet. Whether you need promotional content for your business, breathtaking visuals for your wedding, or just want to capture the beauty of your surroundings, we have the skills and experience to deliver the highest quality results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life.

Orlando Drone Photography



Orlando Aerial Photography and Videography


Orlando drone photography real estate

Real Estate

Unlock a new level of property showcasing with our specialized drone photography and videography services tailored for the real estate industry. Imagine offering prospective buyers an immersive, bird’s-eye view of each property, intricately detailing both its interior and exterior features. Our state-of-the-art drones capture stunning, high-resolution images and video that elevate your listings from simple presentations to compelling visual narratives.

Go beyond the usual snapshots and virtual tours by providing a truly comprehensive understanding of each property’s layout, amenities, and surrounding neighborhood. From sweeping aerial views that showcase the property in its natural setting, to dynamic fly-throughs that offer a first-person perspective of each room, our drone capabilities ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

Utilizing our advanced drone technology, you can set your listings apart in a crowded market, giving potential buyers and investors an unparalleled look at the true potential of each property. Opt for our drone photography and videography services and transform your real estate listings into captivating experiences that not only attract interest but also drive engagement and, ultimately, sales.

Orlando drone photography - entertainment

Events & Entertainment

Elevate your creative projects to new cinematic heights with our specialized drone photography and videography services for the entertainment industry. Imagine capturing spellbinding aerial shots that add an extraordinary layer of depth and excitement to your film, music video, or live event. Our drones, equipped with cutting-edge cameras, deliver impeccable visual quality that seamlessly integrates with your existing footage, adding a new dimension to your storytelling.

Whether you’re directing a high-octane action sequence, crafting a visually stunning music video, or producing a live event that begs for expansive crowd shots, our drone services provide the missing piece to your creative puzzle. Our aerial capabilities can capture everything From panoramic views encompassing entire landscapes to dynamic chase scenes.

Our technology is designed to bring your artistic vision to life in ways that traditional filming methods can’t match. Opt for our drone photography and videography services and transform your production into a compelling, unforgettable visual experience. Make your project not just memorable but iconic.

Orlando drone photography - weddings

Weddings & Engagement

Capture every magical moment of your special day from unparalleled perspectives with our wedding drone photography and videography services. Imagine saying “I do” as our drones gracefully capture sweeping vistas of your venue, the smiling faces of your guests, and the intimate details that make your celebration unique. Beyond traditional camera angles, we offer an immersive visual experience that tells your love story in an exceptionally captivating way.

Our drone-operated cameras can elegantly soar through your ceremony and reception, capturing cinematic shots of your vows, the joyful dances, and even the grand exit. These aerial views not only add an artistic layer to your wedding memories but also provide a comprehensive look at the ambiance, décor, and natural beauty surrounding your venue.

With our state-of-the-art technology, your wedding film transforms into a breathtaking narrative, making it more than just a keepsake—it becomes an heirloom. Choose our drone photography and videography services to give your wedding the cinematic flourish it deserves, creating a timeless visual masterpiece that you’ll treasure forever.

Orlando drone photography construction

Construction & Development

Elevate your construction management to a new paradigm of efficiency and oversight with our specialized drone photography and videography services. Imagine a world where you can track project progress, assess structural integrity, and identify potential issues—all from a bird’s-eye perspective that provides a comprehensive view of your entire site. Our advanced drones are equipped with high-definition cameras capable of capturing every intricate detail, providing you with actionable insights like never before.

Streamline your workflow by integrating aerial data into your project timelines. Capture key milestones from unique vantage points, offering stakeholders a visual progress report that’s both informative and engaging. From initial site surveys to project completion, our drone services offer unmatched views that can aid in resource allocation, safety assessments, and quality control.

With the capabilities to deliver both still photography and dynamic video, our drones have become an invaluable tool in your construction arsenal. They offer not just visual validation of work completed but also serve as a future reference for maintenance or further development.

Orlando drone photography - tourism

Tourism & Hospitality

Elevate your tourism and hospitality offerings with our specialized drone photography and videography services, designed to capture the magic of your location like never before. Situated in the heart of Orlando, Florida—a global hub for tourism—we understand the importance of presenting your venue or destination in the most compelling way possible.

Imagine showcasing your resort’s sprawling campus, the serene poolside ambiance, or your hotel’s intricate architecture—all through captivating aerial shots. Our drones soar through the skies to capture the grandeur of your property, providing potential guests with a bird’s-eye view that static images or ground-level videos can’t match.

But we go beyond just aesthetics. Our drone footage can also highlight the unique experiences your location offers. Whether it’s an adrenaline-pumping water slide, a picturesque golf course, or an intimate beachside dining setup, our high-definition drone-mounted cameras capture every aspect that makes your destination special.


Photo Packages | Contact Us

  • 10 – 20 high-resolution drone photos
  • Advanced post-processing and color correction
  • Digital delivery
  • 1 revision included

Video Packages | Contact Us

  • 2 – 5 minutes of edited drone footage
  • Advanced color grading, stabilization, and transitions
  • Custom soundtrack or voice-over options
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Digital delivery

Event Coverage | Contact Us

  • Full day of drone coverage at an event
  • 50+ high-resolution photos
  • 5-7 minutes of edited video footage
  • Delivered within one week

Construction Process Monitoring | Contact Us

  • Weekly site visits
  • 20 high-resolution photos per visit
  • 5 minutes of raw video footage per visit
  • Volume discounts for multi-month contract

Custom Packages | Contact Us

  • Price Varies
  • Tailored to meet specific client needs, from extended video footage to additional drone operators for larger projects.

Over 50+ Verified Google Reviews

“Before partnering with Aktion Productions, we used traditional methods to showcase our Orlando real estate listings—still photos, basic slideshows, and the occasional virtual tour. While those were fine, we always felt something was missing to truly set our properties apart. That’s when we decided to try drone services, and I can’t express how transformative it has been for our business.

From the first consultation to the final product, working with Aktion Productions was an absolute pleasure. They took the time to understand the unique features of each property and how best to highlight them. The drone footage they provided was nothing short of stunning—high-resolution, incredibly detailed, and perfectly edited.

The aerial views captured by their drones offered potential buyers a perspective they couldn’t get elsewhere, from sweeping views of the property’s exterior to dynamic fly-throughs of interior spaces. We also loved how they integrated the drone footage with ground-level shots to create a seamless, immersive experience.

Since we began using these drone services, not only has client engagement skyrocketed, but properties are also spending less time on the market. The level of professionalism and quality delivered by Aktion Productions has made us loyal customers, and we couldn’t recommend their services enough.”

Jim K.Real Estate Agent

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Top Orlando Drone Photography Questions We’re Asked

Drone photography can provide breathtaking aerial views, showcase property layouts, highlight features, and create dynamic marketing content.

Yes, drone photography is allowed in Orlando, but it must comply with FAA regulations and local laws regarding airspace and privacy.

We prioritize safety by following FAA regulations, conducting pre-flight checks, and employing experienced, licensed drone pilots.

The duration of a drone photography session depends on the scope of the project, but most sessions can be completed in a few hours.

Typically, clients can expect to receive their edited drone photographs within a few days to a week after the shoot, depending on the project’s complexity.

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