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12 Years of Creating Amazing Videos.

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Orlando Video Production Company

Orlando Video Production Company

12 Years of Creating Amazing Videos.

Highest Rated | Award-Winning

Top-Rated Orlando Video Production

Do You Have An Amazing Brand But Feel Your Video Content and Creativity Are Lacking?

Cameras, editing, and creativity alone won’t get you to your goal. With the right expertise and storytelling, your brand can transform from overlooked to unforgettable. You need an Orlando video production company you can trust to create the right visual narrative and guide you through the entire video production process.

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Full-Service Orlando Video Production

Orlando Pre-Production


Laying the right groundwork upfront can make the difference between a video that blows you away or completely misses the mark. In this stage, we work together on your vision, goals, and plan of action to create an amazing video. We’ll also discuss the budget and exact scope of work based on your unique needs. 

Orlando Video Production Services


Now we’re rolling! During the production phase we will shoot what we discussed during our pre-production planning sessions. Our experienced Orlando production team will get to work to make your vision a reality.

Orlando Post Production


Let’s get creative! In the post-production phase, our editors in Orlando, FL log and choose all the best clips shot,  handle color-correction,  mix audio,  and makes sure your video looks exactly as discussed in your vision. It’s at this stage that you’ll see the first cut.

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How We Help Orlando Companies (Like Yours) Succeed

Create Memorable Videos That Stand Out

To really shine in today’s busy media landscape – a video that showcases your brand, communicates correctly with customers, and delivers an unforgettable viewing experience is a must.

We’ll make sure your video is memorable and irresistible to customers.

We needed a series of videos for our annual conference, and Aktion Productions delivered beyond our expectations. Their professionalism, creativity, and efficiency made the whole process seamless. The final product was engaging and perfectly aligned with our brand. Highly recommended!

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Ensure Your Video is Conversion-Ready

Customers don’t care about what you do – They care about what you can do for them.

Every frame in your video needs to focus on gaining trust, showcasing authority, and delivering value.

We’ll make sure every customer feels like your video is speaking directly to them.

Offer a Headache-Free Guarantee

Video production can be complicated.

That doesn’t mean your experience has to be.

You need a partner who values the importance of understanding your brand and takes accountability for making your Orlando video production project a success.

We partnered with Aktion Productions for a series of educational videos. Their ability to translate complex medical information into clear, engaging visuals was remarkable. They were sensitive to our needs and delivered content that resonates with both patients and professionals.

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Trust, Quality & Our Promise

Professionally produced video has a big impact on your business. A team with a keen eye for production can not only increase your brand awareness and build your website’s SEO but also increase credibility and trust in your brand! Your business is unique, and with Aktion Productions as your Orlando video production company partner, we’ll tell your brand’s story together. All while delivering amazing results.

We don’t just hire random videographers. Our core team based in Orlando, FL, is small, but this allows us to sustain our video production quality. You get to work with the same videographers each time. This means that they get to know your business and services at a level unmatched by other companies.

Who We Are

Video Production Company Orlando

Orlando video production company

We are a video production company in Orlando run by expert videographers who come with over a decade of experience filming and editing video content throughout the U.S. and Europe. Our core team is nimble, and we have a big passion for creating incredible experiences.

We’re focused on delivering top-tier video content that delivers meaningful results for clients. Whether you’re a business wanting to gain new customers, or an athlete looking to attract the attention of potential sponsors, we can help you develop the perfect video. Our team has experience in many areas of business, such as real estate videography, wedding videos, conference videos, and much more!

We proudly work with any sized business and offer full-service video production. From pre-production to post-production, we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most – running a successful business.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top video production companies in Orlando FL. Our team services many surrounding cities as well. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

Our Work

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Industries Served

Orlando Video Production Services

Here are just a few of the Orlando video production services we offer. Need something that you don’t see here? Contact us and let’s discuss your vision!


We’re busy traveling between all of Central Florida and beyond!

Let’s get started on your project today by booking your next shoot.


Top Orlando Video Production Questions We’re Asked

Our average video production service starts at around $3,000 – $10,000. This is a one-time, fixed-fee cost that includes:

  • Concept Development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Filming
  • Lighting
  • Sound Recording
  • Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Design
  • Final Review and Revisions
  • Exporting

Our customers are typically small – mid-market businesses.

We most often work in the following industries:

  • Small Business
  • Equine
  • Sports
  • Live Events and Conferences
  • Retail + Consumer Goods
  • Real Estate

This completely depends on the scope of the project. We’ve had video projects that take anywhere from 1 week – 6 months.

We value client feedback and offer a collaborative approach to revisions. We’ll work with you through each stage of the production process to ensure the final product meets your expectations and objectives.

For the Extra Curious

Video production is the process of creating a video by capturing moving images (videography) and combining them with sound and other visual effects to tell a story or communicate a message. It involves three main stages:

  • Pre-production (planning and preparation)
  • Production (filming)
  • Post-production (editing and finalizing)

An Orlando business might consider hiring a video production company for several common reasons:

  1. High-quality videos are difficult to produce without the right equipment and artistic eye. Professional equipment, lighting, and editing can significantly enhance the business’s image.
  2. The business wants to stand out in a crowded market and use video to help communicate its unique value.
  3. The business needs help communicating a message, values, and brand story to its audience in an engaging and memorable way to drive sales.
  4. Businesses can hire an Orlando video production company to capture important events, such as conferences, product launches, or corporate celebrations, preserving them for future reference or promotional use.
  5. Video production companies can create training and educational videos for employees or customers, providing a clear and consistent way to convey information.
  6. For Orlando businesses, working with a local video production company ensures that the team has a good understanding of the local market, culture, and audience preferences.

Overall, hiring a video production company can help Orlando businesses create impactful videos that enhance their brand, effectively communicate their message, and achieve their marketing goals.

We meet with you to understand your video goals. We’ll formulate an action plan together for a custom video project that will serve the unique goals of your business.

  1. We’ll brainstorm ideas and define the purpose and goals of the video.
  2. Write a script (if needed) that outlines the narrative, dialogue, and actions.
  3. Create a visual representation of the video, scene by scene.
  4. Organize logistics such as location scouting, scheduling, and budgeting.
  5. Capture the footage according to the script and storyboard using cameras, lighting, and sound equipment.
  6. Assemble the footage, cutting unnecessary parts, and adding transitions to create a cohesive final video.
  7. Enhance the video with color grading, visual effects, and sound design.
  8. Make adjustments based on feedback to ensure the video meets the desired objectives.
  9. Render the final version of the video and prepare it for distribution.

When it comes to finding the best Orlando video production company, there are a few things to consider.

We recommend looking at the portfolio of videos they have created to truly understand the level of creativity they’ll bring to your project.

Next, we also recommend checking out reviews to understand the video production company and the services they provide.

If you aren’t happy with the video, your videographer should give you a set number of changes to make it perfect. Most of the time, the price includes one or two revisions.

When it comes to video projects, it’s good to know what you want and provide clear instructions from the beginning of the project so that you get a video that’s a good fit as early in the process as possible. Have an open dialoige with the videographer throughout the entire time with any questions or changes that may come up.

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