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Equine Photography | Equine Videography

Equine Photography and Horse Videography

We Capture What Equestrian is All About.

Want professional photos and videos of you and your horse? Now’s the time! Whether you just want beautiful photos to cherish forever or you want to grow your social media following with exciting horse videography Reels and TikToks – we got you covered. Capturing the bond between horse and rider is what we’re passionate about!

Aktion Productions combines over 20 years of photography and videography experience with equestrian experience as well. Services include everything from horse and rider photoshoots at your barn to private client horseshow photography and viral-worthy videography for social media. We’re located in Central Florida and will travel.

Equine photography and videography



Equine Photography Florida
Horse photography Florida
equine photography wellington

Equine Photography and Horse Videography


Horse and rider photography

Horse and Rider

We combine our horse expertise and over 20 years of photography experience to capture the bond between horse and rider. Regardless of your discipline, age, or riding level, our goal is the same – to memorialize you and your equine partner. Perfect for any equestrian.

*Discounts are available for barns with 4 or more horses signed up.

Private show photography

Private Show Clients

Debuting at a new level or wanting to have your very own paparazzi at your next show? We can be your private show photographer! Show photography should capture the feeling and experience of being a competitor. We capture your special show day so you can cherish it for a lifetime. Everything to prepping for your ride, to showing in your class, to the cool-down. Videography is a perfect add-on for this too!

Branding and Commercial

Commercial and Branding

If you’re a commercial business that wants to grow your website, social media, and get more views on your advertisements, we got you covered! Our team focuses on equestrian lifestyle and branding photography to beautifully capture your products or services. Don’t just hire any photographer! We understand what equestrians want to see to maximize your sales and exposure.

Equine portraits

Equine Portraits

Equine portraits are a great way to show off a horse without the rider. These portraits will capture the beauty and personality that will last a lifetime. Perfect for sale ads as well as stunning home decor statement pieces.

*Discounts are available for barns with 4 or more horses signed up.

Equestrian instagram reels

Equestrian Videography and Reels

We don’t mean to brag – but we have experience creating viral reels and videos that have a “WOW” factor. Capturing horses and riders in motion is something we excel at and are passionate about. Perfect for growing your social media following!

*Discounts are available for barns with 4 or more horses signed up.


Horse and Rider Photography | $200

Perfect for any equestrian wanting to capture the bond between horse and rider.

  • Images delivered within 3 days
  • 1-hour session for 1 horse
  • 1 outfit change and 1 location
  • Up to 20 edited photos (delivered digitally)
  • Add videography for an additional $100 (up to 5-minutes edited footage OR 5 social media Reels)

Videography Add-On | $100

Add videography for an additional $100.

  • Up to 5-minutes edited footage OR 5 social media Reels

Private Show Clients | $500*

*Price may vary depending on show and location.

This package includes an entire show weekend of photos for 1 horse. Photos will include your warm-up and pre-show shots, plus images in the arena that will capture your entire experience!

  • Images will be delivered within 3 days
  • Includes warm-up photos
  • Includes pre-show photos
  • Includes showing photos
  • 20% Deposit is Required to Hold Your Spot

Additional Horse(s) Add-On | $200

Additional horses can be added for $200 per horse. Additional horses must be owned by you.

Videography Add-On | $100

Video clips of your entire show weekend can be added for an additional $100.

Commercial and Branding Photography | $600

Perfect for equestrian brands that want to elevate their market presence with stunning visual content. Photography pricing starts at $600, depending on needs.

  • 1-hour shoot (minimum)
  • 1 location
  • Minimum of 20 edited images
  • Full commercial use of images

Commercial Videography | $600

Videography is also available, starting at $600

  • Includes 1-minute of edited footage or raw footage
  • Full commercial use of video

Equine Portraits | $200

Perfect to memorialize your equine partner, or for stunning sales ads.

  • Images delivered within 3 days
  • 1-hour session for 1 horse
  • 1 location
  • Up to 20 edited photos (delivered digitally)

Videography Add-On | $100

Add videography for an additional $100.

  • Up to 5-minutes edited footage OR 5 social media Reels

Equestrian Videography | $200

Perfect for maximizing your social media presence as an equestrian influencer.

  • 1-hour session for 1 horse and rider
  • 1 outfit change and 1 location
  • Includes up to 5-minutes edited footage OR 5 social media Reels

Equestrian-Approved Reviews

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Thank you for the great photos! We’ve never had professional photos before other than at a show. Aktion Productions made the shoot SO relaxed for both myself and my horse. We had 4 other gals at the barn get photos as well, and everyone loved how the images turned out!

Jeanne K.

Naturally, my horse was acting up a bit on the day of the shoot. Aktion Productions somehow managed to make the experience enjoyable and relaxed. We still got amazing photos and videos for social media. 100% would recommend him and do another shoot!

Kim A.

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What to look for in an equine photographer or equine videographer

Equine photography and videography can be a specialized field, requiring both technical expertise and a deep understanding of equestrian sports and events. When looking for an equine photographer or videographer, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find someone who can capture high-quality, professional images and video that showcase your equine pursuits.

  1. Experience: Look for photographers and videographers who have a proven track record of covering equestrian events and are familiar with the specific needs of this type of photography. This includes knowing the best angles to capture the action, understanding the different disciplines involved in equestrian sports, and being able to anticipate key moments and capture them effectively.
  2. Equipment: Professional photographers and videographers should have high-quality cameras and lenses, as well as other essential equipment such as tripods, lighting, and audio recording equipment. Make sure to ask about their equipment and how they plan to capture the footage, as this will give you a sense of their technical capabilities.
  3. Portfolio: A photographer or videographer’s portfolio is a great way to get a sense of their style and the types of images and videos they produce. Look for examples of equestrian photography and videography in their portfolio, and pay attention to the quality of the images, the compositions, and the overall storytelling in the images and videos.
  4. Personal style: Different photographers and videographers have their own unique approaches to capturing equestrian events. Some may focus on candid, documentary-style images, while others may take a more posed and formal approach. Consider what type of images and videos you want to capture, and look for a photographer or videographer whose style aligns with your vision.
  5. Communication and collaboration: Working with a photographer or videographer is a collaborative process, and it’s important to find someone who is open to your ideas and willing to listen to your input. Make sure to discuss your goals and vision for the project, and be sure to ask any questions you may have to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration.

By considering these factors, you can find an equestrian photographer or videographer who is well-suited to your needs and can deliver high-quality, professional images and videos that capture the beauty and excitement of equestrian sports.

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